Harald Schmitz-Schmelzer

Born in Duisburg, Germany
1973-1981         Studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf
1977Appointment as a master student
1977-1983Lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Duisburg

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2016JanKossen Contemporary, NYC, „The Ethereal Stone“, USA
2015Galerie Klaus Braun, „Wandobjekte“
Galerie Frank Schlag, Neue Arbeiten, (with E. Ross), NL
Galerie Broft, Leerdam, NL
2014 Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, „Enzyklopädien“
2012Galerie Da entlang, Dortmund, „Lagern, Schichten und Verdichten“, with Jörg Eberhard
Galerie Dis, Maastricht, „Kunststoff“, with Dirk Salz and Michael Laube
2011"Lionization of Color", De Buck Gallery, NYC
"Science of Color", Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton
2010"Ambrosial hybrids", Gallery DIS, Maastricht
Galerie Jean Greset, Besancon, (with Robert Schad)
"Chroma", Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
20093 D Colour, Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2008Hybrids, Proarta Gallery, Zurich
Lionization of color, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
2007Line up!, Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Beauty without malice, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
2005The simplicity that is hard to do, Lausberg Contemporary, Düsseldorf and more greens, Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno (with Alan Ebnother)
2004Arcadia in the color space, gallery along because, Dortmund (with Oliver Christmann)
Art Frankfurt, One Artist Show, Gallery of Braunbehrens, Munich
2003Max Planck Institute, Mülheim adRuhr
Galerie Lothar short, Ingolstadt kind Zurich (one-artist show with Galerie Markus Nohn)
Markus Nohn Gallery, Frankfurt
Gallery of Braunbehrens, Munich
2002Art Frankfurt (one-artist show with Galerie Markus Nohn (K)) in Show Low, the Blue
Wonder and the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Kunstverein Loschwitz
2001Society for Contemporary Art, Oberhausen (with Gaby Terhuven)
Stocked colors, Markus Nohn Gallery, Frankfurt
Art Bodensee, Austria (with gallery Nohn)
Koehler architects, Frankfurt
1999Body color space, IDEA housing needs, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Vanitas, Galerie Markus Nohn, Trier
1998COLOR and ASPIK, Gallery of Siemens AG, Erlangen encounters agiplan AG (building by Sir Norman Foster), Mülheim an der Ruhr
1997Brehm Gallery, Cologne for Angels Paintings, Paintings for Stars, Painting for Streets, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bamberg, the Chinese Wild Pheasant, Old Post Office
Museum, Mülheim an der Ruhr
1996Haruspex, a visual artist forum, eating Château de Tours, Museum of the City Tours
LAST / ZICK contemporary art, food
1995Architects Harsveldt, Mülheim-saar gallery 46, Mülheim an der Ruhr
1994Storage Depot, Federal Association of Artists NRW, Cologne
Galerie 46, Mülheim an der Ruhr gallery ice pit, Bamberg
1992Gallery 46, Mülheim an der Ruhr
1990Gallery of Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg-Rheinhausen
1989Galerie Thomas Jerig, Duisburg
Mülheimer Projects 5, Old Post Office Museum, Mülheim an der Ruhr, sight drafts, studio show, Duisburg (with J. Freudenberger)
1983Städtische Galerie, Schloss Oberhausen
Gallery psyché, Martigues
1981Gallery January, Bochum
1980Municipal Collections of Duisburg-Rheinhausen
55/51 Gallery, Moenchengladbach
Transition Gallery, Bourges
1979Young Art in Düsseldorf, Selb art space, Duisburg
1978Art room, Duisburg
1977Art room, Duisburg

Participation in various art exhibitions, including:

Art Cologne, Cologne, Art Frankfurt, Art Karlsruhe, Art Fair, Cologne; Arts, Zurich, Switzerland; Palm Beach, USA, Art Miami, USA, Chicago Contemporary & Classic, USA; Art Santa Fe, USA; TIAF, Toronto, Canada; KIAF, Seoul, Korea; Kind Moskow, Russia; Los Angeles Art Show 2009; AAF London, Paris
Group Exhibitions (selection)

2016Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, „Raumwerke“, Germany
2015BakerSponder Gallery, Boca Raton, „Summerselection“, USA
Galerie von Braunbehrens, Stuttgart  „Auftakt...“, Germany
Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg, „Wahlverwandtschaften“, Germany
multiple art showroom,  Zürich,  „die letzten werden die ersten sein“, Switzerland
Galerie Proarta, Zürich,  „Farbe, Form, Licht“, Switzerland
2014Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami,  „Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict“, USA
Gallerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart,  „Raum-Malerei“, Germany
Gallery Four Square Fine Arts, London, „Still Point“, GB
G&S Alternative Space, „from portrait to abstract“, Hollywood, Florida, USA
2013Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston, “No Paint”, USA
Verein für aktuelle Kunst / Ruhrgebiet, Oberhausen, “Austragungsort : II”, Germany
Edition multiple art, Zurich, Switzerland
Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Dusseldorf, Jubiläumsausstellung, Germany
2012Baker Sponder Gallery, Boca Raton, “New Name New Season New Works”, USA
Lehmbruck Museum , Duisburg, 47/12 , 201, Germany
Galerie Frank Schlag, Essen, „Best of Ruhrgebiet – Top Twenty“, Germany
ProArta, Zürich,  “Best of ProArta Collection”, Switzerland
2011"Winter Thaw", Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Konkrete Abstraktion, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
2010"Best of Lausberg Contemporary", Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Summer Group Show, Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Gallery of Braunbehrens, Munich, "color, space, structure" with Kuno Gonschior, Camill Leberer, including Michael Burges
"Hello thirty", Gallery along because, Dortmund
"Beyond Painting", Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
"Gallery Artists", Proarta Gallery, Zurich
100 + 1 year, Selected works of art museum Mülheim
Radical Gallery train, Switzerland, the gallery's artists to guest Proarta
"Multiple Art", Art gallery of the old clubhouse, Zofingen, Switzerland
"Winter Wonderland Art", Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno
2009Die Farbe Bunt, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
The Blues, Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
Art 2009, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
55 °C, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
Little Luxuries, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
The color of stained, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
Salon:. Purpur.Lila.Pink, gallery-there along, Dortmund
2008Does the Society for Art and Design, Bonn
30 years of Braunbehrens Gallery, Münich
2007Müller emil et multipleArt, Gallery Jonas, Cortaillod, Switzerland
ART 2007, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
Colours, gallery Ammann, Locarno, Switzerland
EARTH CHILDREN, raising exhibition ART COLOGNE 2007 talents, gallery Proarta, Zurich
Black Salon, Gallery there-along , Dortmund
20065 anni - Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno
Multiple Art and originals, art house Zofingen, Switzerland
Arte Regional IV "Elective Affinities", Kunsthalle Dominican Church, Osnabruck (with Bright Present among others)
"Black and white than color," Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Düsseldorf, Germany
"Tandem" Anniversary Exhibition of the Art Society, Museum in the Old Post Office, Mülheim ad Ruhr
Art 2006, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal, Canada
"Curtain Call", Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2005Colors lines stripes, Gallery Wolfgang Exner, Vienna
Contrasts Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno
"Primavera", Arte Moderna Ammann, Locarno
25 years since along, Gallery for Contemporary Art, Dortmund
2004"Consolidation", Gallery Nohn, Frankfurt
"That's right! Realitätsversrechen of photographs." Ruhrland Museum, Essen
Multiplied + Originali, Gallery Amman arte moderna, Locarno, Switzerland
10 Years Museum / box art museum in the Old Post Office, Mülheim adRuhr
"Color rich" because along, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Dortmund
"Contemporary Art - Focus on urban life", Kunsthalle St. Annen, Luebeck, "Young Summer", Gallery Wolfgang Exner, Vienna
2003Multiples, Gallery Nohn, Frankfurt
Multiple Art, Gallery House carpenter, Brugg, Switzerland
2002West German Association of Artists, Museum Bochum (K)
"Swine", Exhibition of sculptures of the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr
2001Yellow Salon, Gallery along because, Dortmund galleries Rhineland-Palatinate in 2001, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen (K)
200054th Bergische Art Exhibition, Museum Baden, Solingen, West German Artists' League, Lüdenscheid
Great Art Exhibition, Düsseldorf
1999Great Art Exhibition, Düsseldorf
"Art in a box", Art Museum in the old post office in Mülheim an der Ruhr
1998"The slowness of images", Galerie Schütte, Food
"The slowness of images", Galerie Markus Nohn, Trier
"The slowness of images", Galerie Markus Richter, Potsdam
"40 x 40", Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bamberg
Great Art Exhibition NRW, Düsseldorf
Five years - five years of art, multiples in the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bamberg
Essen buys art, Zeche Zollverein, Essen
1997"Lab: Red", a visual artist forum, eating
'My Favourite', Gallery of Contemporary Art, Bamberg
1996LAST / ZICK contemporary art, Essen